Mark Swanson

Worship Leader          

Known for his dynamic, passionate worship style, Mark is a worship leader/pastor, teacher, mentor and equipper. In 2010 he founded Modern Day Levite Ministries, and travels to churches and conferences leading worship and teaching on worship.

Mark's goal in ministry is "to create and maintain an atmosphere where people can connect with God, and sustain that connection, with as few distractions as possible".

He resides in Saginaw, MI with his wife, Kristine, and son, Luke.

Worship Videos

Worship Compliation - 2|42 Community Church, Saginaw, MI

"Famous One" - Saginaw City Wide Praise & Prayer Gathering

Drum Worship Compilation - SVCC, Saginaw, MI

Worship Compilation - Life Changers Intl, Chicago, IL & SVCC, Saginaw, MI

"Christmas Offering" - Annual SVCC Christmas Production, Saginaw, MI

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Mark Swanson
70 Tuscany Cir
Saginaw, MI 48603