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january 30 / i had a phenomenal time with streams this weekend during the "course 101 - the art of hearing God" conference. we had some amazing times of worship and the Lord's presence showed up in a powerful way! there were a couple times that it was really hard to stop worshipping and start the teaching times...the manifest presence was so thick! blessing to all you that attended! it was great seeing you all again (and meeting a few others)...i trust that the conference catapulted you into a deeper place with the Lord as we all learned the importance of character building being paramont to anointing. continue to let him build your character so that there is a foundation for God's anointing to rest on when He imparts it! i pray that you will experience greater levels of the Spirit realm as a result of the weekend! blessings!! - mark



february 10 / happy friday! things are a bit crazy around here as we prepare for the upcoming recording project. we had a great time of worship as we "rehearsed" (if you can call it that -we really worshipped!) for the february 24 & 25th recording. there is still a LOT to do to get ready, but we're trusting God to handle all the details!

please continue to intercede for the project. clearly, much of the success of a live worship project is dependent upon the live worshippers that show up (not only the number, but the anointing that they bring to the recording). we need lots of people that are not coming for a show...but that are there to "worship their guts out"! the enemy has been out in force trying to dissuade us, as well (one way we can tell that it's a "God thing" and that we're on the right track) please pray for the health, safety and spiritual covering of all involved.

with all the doors that God has been opening in the last few weeks, it is obvious that this is God's time for this project. i believe that the timing, the songs, the people...that everything is right...and i have asked God to anoint it ALL...that no detail would be "un-anointed" (is that a word?!?). thanks to all of you that are committed to praying for us and showing your's really helping! look for more updates soon, ok?!? for His glory... -mark



february 13 / well...we had another rehearsal in preparation for the next friday & saturday recording...everything went very well! it's starting to really come together and the team is getting excited about next weekend! please continue to press in and pray for all the detials to come together...thank God He's in control! :-) bless you...see you next weekend!



march 1 / wow! what a month february was! the recording is finished and now in the editing phase. thanks to all of you who attended and/or prayed for the recording. it was definitely anointed of the Lord! we saw emotional and physical healings, deliverances, miracles (including my voice "coming back" just in time for the saturday night recording) is good!

from a natural perspective, we accomplished what we needed to...i think we have several great "takes" of each song to choose from and we got good, clean audio trachs from all! in the Spirit, it was "off the charts"!

the anointing was different each night, but the presence of the Lord that manifested each night was incredible. it was so weighty that some could not even stand up under it (interesting that the Lord gave pastor dick and me the same scripture for the first night - 2chron. 5:11-14 and similar ones for the second -about preparing a place for the presence of the Lord to dwell)!

i am so in awe of God...of His greatness...of His faithfulness...of His grace that was all over the weekend. i could go on and on with testimonies about the weekend, but this entry would turn into a NOVEL! :-)

thanks again to you all! whether God has called you to play an instrument, to sit behind a sound board, to sow financially, to intercede or to simply attend and have all been an integral part (in the Spirit) of this project! please continue to pray for the rest of the's far from over!

"Lord...You are good and Your mercy endures forever!" - mark



march 15 / plugging away on the recording project... i think we've decided on a night and are beginning the editing process next week. please pray that all goes smoothly! :o)

tomorrow starts the "intimacy with God & open heavens" conference and i'm very excited to see what God's going to do. aaron evans, brian simmons and john crowder are going to be ministering for the weekend and i can't wait to see what kingdom "nuggets" God's downloaded to them and what they will impart in the Spirit realm to this region. i am currently reading john's book, "the new mystics" and it has lit a fire in me like i've never experienced. i would highly recommend it to any Christian that desires to move into doing works greater than Jesus'!

john does a great job at laying out the mantles and anointings that have been passed down from generation to generation so that God's church can move in the signs and wonders that we are destined for. he prophetically shares the body's destiny and how we will get there. there is hardly a statement in his book that is NOT prophetic! wow...if this book doesn't change you, you're DEAD! :o)

well...after the confernce, i'll let ya' know how it went. blessings...keep on pressing into His presence! -mark



march 28 / all i can say is "WOW"! the "intimacy with God & open heaven" conference was absolutely incredible. God just broke the place open and released new levels of freedom in worship. i have never led worship for a meetings that were so unbridled in the was as if the same manifestation of the Spirit that hit david and caused him to dance -undignified- before the Lord, was poured out upon us! it was phenomenal!

the Lord really focused on intimacy this weekend...challenging us to live from a deeper place of intimacy with Him and that -in that place- the heavens would be opened! it was a wonderful confirmation of His desire for us to have intimate fellowship with Him first...and that ministry, worship, signs, wonders, miracles...they all flow from the secret place!

from the recording front: now that there we're a little over 3 weeks from the nashville trip, matt rice and i are working on all the editing for the project. boy...i knew that it was gonna' be more work than i expected, but not this much more! :-) please continue praying that we have the time to accomplish everything before the mixing / mastering the next 3 weeks -for me- hold preparations for the easter production and a 6 day family vacation trip to washington d.c.! if you figure a way to be 2 places at one time, sometime in the next 3 weeks, please let me know!!! :-) "blessings!!!" - mark



may 11 / well...the recording is complete!! the nashville trip was extremely successful and i am very happy with the way the final product sounds! mike t. and mike d. did a great job mixing and randy l. @ final phase a wonderful job mastering. the Spirit of the Lord was with us all week! at this point, i am waiting on the Lor dto provide the funds for duplication amd mechanical licenses (almost &3000 needed for those items). $3000 is the same as 3 million to our God...HE WILL PROVIDE!! :o)

my good friend joe and i are finishing up the cd inserts and just asking for the Holy Spirit's direction in it all...joe is so creative and anointed for this end of the process! he blows my mind...

part of the svcc team teamed up with fresh oil ministries, dr. dale and eunice fife and a team from the Potter's house (farmington, ct) to lead worship for "the secret place encounter" conference, in sterling heights, mi. the worship times were incredible! the presence of the Lord really was sweet as He centered on intimacy with Him. there was a divine connection between the 2 worship teams (ours and the connecticut team - quigley james and lorrie fife) and we loved worshipping together! i really sensed that God did a powerful work, not only in the hearts of those who attended, but in the area and the region. i expect that we will see transformation as a result to that work!

thanks to all of you who are partnering with modern day levite -both financially and in prayer...your support is so appreciated! "blessings of Elohim!!!" - mark


june 28 / CD UPDATE: you know, the release date for the cd was supposed to be mid june. as it often happens in these kinds of situations, there have been some "speed-bumps" in the process that have slowed us down a bit. that said, it appears that we are very close to release. the cd and the artwork are officially at the duplication house and i have been told that -if things go as planned in the next couple of days- we should have 1000 pieces by july 17. you can purchase your copy now and we will mail it to you as soon as we receive our shipment. many thanks to all of you who have been so patient in waiting! :o) blessings! - mark


february 26 / "'s been a busy season!" i know it's been awhile since i posted an has been crazy! ! the cd was officially released in mid july and sales are steadily trickling in. we finally sold our home, moved to the new townhouse and the Christmas season has passed, so we are able to breathe again! :o) at the first of this month i had a phenomenal time in alpena for the streams 101 course at living hope church. people came hungry and the Lord did an indredible work in taking the attendees to another leveo of depth in the Spirit...i was so blessed to have been a part of it. this last weekend was a powerful time of worship, teaching, impartation and prophecy with dennis, rich, rich! if you can, i'd love to see you at the saginaw, michigan "signs, wonders & miracles - reaching your destiny" conference in march! keep on worshippin'! :o) blessings! - mark


february 26 / UPDATE! after talking with 99.7 fm family life radio last week, i was informed that they would soon be adding the "completely [Yours]" cd to a "local artist" teaser on the air several times a day. i have had a couple of calls today from people who heard a sopt on that station. please pray that God would do whatever He wants to do thru those air waves...may He be glorified!! - mark




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