All For You

Paul Baloche


Intro:        D         C         D       C


Verse 1:

D                       C      D                C

   Every step of faith, every sacrifice

D                                  C                                     G

   Every prayer thatÕs prayed from an honest heart

D                       C       D                C

   You alone deserve every breath of worship

D                        C                              G

   I just wannaÕ say how great You are



       D        A      Em                  G                             

ItÕs all for You; every song of praise

       D        A      Em                        G                             

ItÕs all for You; every hand thatÕs raised

          D                         A

Everything I am, everything I do

       C         G                 D         C         D       C

ItÕs all for You, all for You


Verse 2:

D                               C     D                             C

   I wannaÕ let You know that You are my hero

D                         C                              G

   IÕm a grateful soul thatÕs been redeemed

D                       C     D                             C

   All creation sings and all the earth adores You

D                              C                              G

   From the highest star to the deepest sea


Tacit:    D       C         G/B        Bb  -  A (repeat)