All The Earth Will Sing Your Praises

Paul Baloche

Dave (E)


G             D/F#          Em7             C2                                  G

 You lived, You died, You said in three days You would rise

G          Dsus           Em7       C2

 You did, You're a--l--i--v--e

G           D/F#          Em7                       C2                        G

 You rule, You reign, You said You're coming back again

G       Dsus                  

 I know You will

         Em7                   C2                        G Dsus Em7 C2

And all the earth will sing Your praises

Em7                      C2                      G  Dsus  Em7  C2 

 All the earth will sing Your praises


Tacit:     G  Dsus  Em7  C2



G         D/F#                    Em7              C2

You took, You take our sins away, O God

G        D/F#                       Em7            C2

You give, You gave Your life away for us

C2                                               Em7

You came down, You saved us through the cross

C2                                                    Dsus

Our hearts are changed because of Your great love