Brian Whalen


Verse 1:

                     D                      A                     Bm                        A

Holding my heart in Your hand and I’ve never felt so safe

               D                      A                     Bm                              A

I lay my head on Your chest and You whisper in my ear, “I love you.”

                  Bm                                  A                                                      G

And all at once I am broken, I am small and I am weak but there is no shame or fear in me

        F#m                                               Em7                                Bm                      C         A7

I am filled with hope and joy; suddenly I do believe I can do anything….You love me


Verse 2:

                     D                                    A                     Bm                                A

Holding my breath as You pull me close and You lift my eyes to Yours

                                    D                 A     Bm           A

And I see You smile and I cry…loved by love

                          Bm                                            A

Oh, and wisdom and truth and life in You begin to stir inside

            G                                                        F#m7

And it seems this broken heart will never hurt again

                      Em7                                         Bm           C                     A7

And I’m compelled and I am driven to be closer…I love You, too



                       D             A/C#          C/G                 G/A

You’re beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, Lord (repeat)

           Bm              A/C#                  Am                  

Beautiful are You, Lord; with my heart and mind and soul

   G                              Gm             D/F#             Em           A7          D

I want You to know I love You, I want You, I need You…beautiful


Verse 3:

                     D                                A            Bm                                                              A

Holding me close, You stay with me and assure me there’s no place You’d rather be

                         D                     A                                                 Bm                                    A

And I wonder how the same hand that holds up the universe still fits so perfectly in mine

                 Bm                                                       A                                              G

Oh, and I think about Your goodness and the power of remembrance overwhelms me

                       F#m                                  Em7                                                  Bm

Lord, You’ve never left my side; I am humbled by Your passion that consumes me

                 C                     A7

You have captured me...