Better Is One Day
 Matt Redman

  Mark (D)

Verse 1:
         E                                               A                    B
How lovely is Your dwelling place; Oh, Lord Almighty
       E                                                       B
For my soul longs and even faints for You
       E                                         A                     B
For here my heart is satisfied within Your presence
   E                                                      B
I sing beneath the shadow of Your wings
               A                                                     B
Better is one day in Your courts, better is one day in Your house
               A                                                                 B
Better is one day in Your courts than thousands elsewhere (repeat)
Verse 2:
        E                                             A                    B
One thing I ask and I would seek; to see Your beauty
     E                                                      B
To find You in the place Your glory dwells (repeat)
C#m7                                    A - A                               B – C#m7
   My heart and flesh cry out    for You the living God
                                    B           A       B – C#m7
   Your spiritÕs water for my soul
                                     B - A
   IÕve tasted and IÕve seen; come once again to me
E/G#                                 F#m7                            B
   I will draw near to You, I will draw near to You