Better Than Life

Cindy Cruse Ratcliff & Israel Houghton

Mark (C) 

Intro / Ending:           |:   E5     A5   |   E5     D   :|

Verse 1:

         E5                       A5            E5                     D

Your love is everlasting, itŐs an everlasting love

         E5                       A5           E5

Your mercy is as new as every rising of the sun

                  D                      A/C#                                              E5     A5          E5     D  

And Your loving kindness, loving kindness in better than life

                     E5                            A5          E5                               D

Your grace is all-sufficient, itŐs an all-sufficient grace

                    E5                              A5            E5

Your power and Your glory are forever on display

                  D                      A/C#                                              E5     A5          E5

And Your loving kindness, loving kindness in better than life



            B     A5       E                          B     A5                 E

Oh_________, itŐs better; Oh_________, better than life

            B           A5            C#m

Oh_________, so much better        

F#7                            A                        D                        E5     A5          E5     D  

Jesus, Your loving kindness                        is better than life


Verse 2:

E5                               A5            E5                                 D

Fairest of ten thousand, of ten thousand You are fair

E5                                A5              E5

Nothing in this world could ever measure or compare

               D                          A/C#                                          E5     A5          E5     D  

To Your loving kindness, loving kindness in better than life

           E5                                   A5                        E5                                D

All Your ways are just, O Lord; YouŐre just in all Your ways

                  E5                              A5               E5

And I will lift my hands, O Lord, in gratitude and praise

                 D                         A/C#                                          E5     A5          E5

For Your loving kindness, loving kindness in better than life


Tacit:   |:    E    |    F#m    |    E/G#    |    A    B    :|



C       F#m                    E/G#       C#m                        F#m                              A       B

Jesus,      Your loving kindness     is better than life itself, better than life itself

C       F#m                    E/G#       C#m                        F#m    A  -  B                     E5

Jesus,      Your loving kindness     is better than life itself        itŐs better than life