Brand New Day


Intro:    D        G        Em7     Asus7   (repeat)

Verse 1:

D                      G                 Em7            Asus7            D        G         Em7      Asus7

All things are new and the old now has all passed away

D                  G         Em7          Asus7        D          G          Em7        Asus7

What was so painful then I can hardly remember today

D                        G            Em7                   Asus7       D          G          Em7        Asus7

You flipped me upside down, Your faithfulness has blown me away

D                       G                  Em7                Asus7        D                   G   Em7   Asus7

Now I know that You'll never leave me and I'll never doubt You again



Em7                       D/F#            G                                     Asus7

   You set my feet upon a rock; pulled me up from the miry clay

Em7                            D/F#                        G                                  Asus7

   You took my hand, healed my wounds; now I can finally say.....



                                 D     G    Em7   Asus7         D     G    Em7   Asus7

It's a brand new day

D              G       Em7      Asus7        

La, La, La...        La, La, La...

         D                    G        Em7       Asus7  (repeat)    

It's a brand new day                                      (repeat)


Verse 2:

                D                G                  Em7               

Through valleys of darkness You lead me

           Asus7                D                   G        Em7       Asus7

Cause Your ways are higher than mine

              D                  G               Em7               Asus7             D      G      Em7        Asus7

You've fixed all I've broken now I'm twice as strong on the other side

D                   G                 Em7    Asus7        D                  G           Em7        Asus7

You are my Daddy, I will run to You; this prodigal has no other friend

            D                         G                 Em7             

Cause Now I know that You'll never leave me

        Asus7         D                 G       Em7      Asus7

And I'll never doubt You again