[CAPO 4 – B]

Intro:      C                              G/B                           Em                       Dsus - D

Verse 1: 

                                   C                                             G/B

Take me back to the garden Lead me be back to moment I heard Your voice

                                   Em                                              Dsus                           D

Bring me back to communion; lead me back to the moment I saw Your face

            C               G/B                     Em     Dsus - D

It was all so simple, it was easy to love

      C                       G/B                      Em     Dsus - D

No space between us; it was easy to trust



G                        Am    G/B         C      G                      Am      G/B           C       

You are closer, closer than my skin; You are in the air I'm breathing in

                                  G                                         Am

Here's is where the dead things come back to living

                Em                   C       Am                     D                            G (Am)

I feel my heart beating again; feels so good to know You are my friend


Verse 2:

                  C                              G/B                       D

This is the garden, here in the place I find You close

                C            G/B                Em                    D

This is communion, here in the place I'm fully known

            C               G/B                     Em     Dsus - D

It was all so simple, You’re so easy to love

      C               G/B                     Em     Dsus - D

No space between us, You’re so easy to trust



Am                        G/B          C   Am                   G/B            C

This is where I'm meant to be; me in You and You in me

Am                   G/B               C             Am           G/B            C   (repeat)

I don't have to prove a thing; You've already approved of me (repeat)