Could I

Kim McMechan


Verse 1:

                     D                        G/B                                              D

Could I just sit here awhile, know that thereÕs nothing that I need to say

G/B                                       D/A

Safe in the knowledge that You know my ways

G                    D/F#   Em              D/F#  G

Love me completely, no need to hide a thing


Verse 2:

                     D                          G/B                                 D

Could I just stay here awhile, letting You melt away all of my fears

G/B                                     D/A

I feel Your comfort when You are so near

G                D/F#          Em                    D/F#        G

IÕll hide myself in this shelter YouÕve made for me



D               G          D               G

Could I________, Could I________


Verse 3:

                     D                             G/B                             D

Could I just kneel here a while doing what I was created to do

G/B                               D/A

Bowing in reverence I long to adore You

G              D/F#  Em       D/F#       G

Willingly giving all that I can surrender


Verse 4:

                     D                          G/B                                  D

Could I just rest here a while letting You whisper my burdens away

G/B                                          D/A

In all of my journeys thereÕs no other place

G                    D/F#    Em                      D/F#   G

Where I find refuge, strength for my weary heart