Dance With Me

Evan Earwicker

  Dance With Me - Earwicker - A | Mark (C) | Mark (D)


G2                           C2            G2                                 C2

   Many songs will fade away and few things will remain
   Am                  G/B                      C2       Am                G/B                      C2

   Melodies and harmonies will change, melodies and harmonies will change


Am           Em                 C2    Am           Em                C2        Dsus - D

   But I'm hearing a new song; but I'm hearing a new song


           G2                             D/F#
I'm beginning to hear the angels cry holy
       C2                          Dsus - D

Oh, love song of God, rise in me
           G2                         D/F#

I'm surrounded by You here in Your glory
       C2                         Dsus               D

Oh, love song of God rise in me



                             G2                G/B              C2

I wanna be romanced by the King of the ages
    D                 G2          G/B              C2       D

I don't wanna sing of a passion I've never known
                      G2            G/B              C2

I want to get lost in the beauty of Jesus
     D                             Em     D                   C2       (repeat)

To dance through the night around Your throne (repeat)


Dsus-D                        G2      C                          Em     D
ÉÉÉso dance with me               dance with me

                    G2      C                          Em     D

Dance with me               dance with me