Virginia Sullivent


  Susie (Em)

Verse 1:

Am            G                          Fmaj7               Esus    E              Am

Oh, how I love to sing Your praise day and night, night and day

           G                                  Fmaj7               Esus     E         Am

Every creature shouts Your name; You are worthy of all praise



Verse 2:

Am                 G                      Fmaj7          Esus      E              Am

To You I will pour out every song every day and all night long

                G                  Fmaj7           Esus    E          Am

Till Your glory can be seen like the water fills the sea




Am                      Am/G

     You are holy; Lord, You are mighty

   Fmaj7                            Esus   E

     Lord, You are worthy of all praise (repeat)



Verse 3:

Am            G                         Fmaj7             Esus        E            Am

Now I will dance before the King; hidden treasures I will bring

                  G                                   Fmaj7

Till all the world will know Your fame

                           Esus    E          Am     G     Fmaj7    Esus    E

Engulfed in the glory of Your name