Give Them Up

Don Potter

Verse 1:

Em                              D/E                               Em                          D/E

Bring out the people who are blind even though they have eyes

Em                              D/E                             C                                                           C - D

Bring out the people who are deaf even though they think their hearing’s fine

Em                                  D/E                                Em                                           D/E

All of the nations are gathering together in order that the people may be

    Em                               D/E                                      C          

Assembled as one, yet who can declare and proclaim the former things


Bridge 1:

Am                                D                                 G                                       Em

Since we are precious in His sight He has given someone else in exchange for our lives

          Am                                           D                                      

He is gathering together from the North, South & Wes

       G                                        B7

His sons & His daughters & calling the rest



                      Em                   D                    C

Give them up, give them up, give them up

       C              D                              Em                   D                    C

The Father is calling give them up, give them up, give them up

Am               E                  Am                           C                              D

All those created for the glory of God and all those who ran away

                       Em                   D                    C

Give them up, give them up, give them up

 C          D                               Em                   D                    C           C–D-Em

Jesus is calling give them up, give them up, give them up


Verse 2:

Em                                     D/E                            Em                                       D/E

You are my witnesses declares the Lord; servants chosen by me

     Em                       D/E                                           C

In order that you may know and believe and understand that I am He

Em                              D/E                                         Em                          D/E

He is the Lord, Jesus, Messiah; there’s no other Savior to call

        Em                                              D/E                                      C

And in these troubled times when all seems forsaken and we only see the fruit of the fall


Bridge 2:

Am                                     D                         G                                     Em

Shout to the nations and shout to the lost; lift up your voices and sing

Am                              D                               G                                      B7

We have the right to speak to this world; give up your captives today