Brian Whalen


Verse 1:

Em                           C   Em                              C          

   IÕm breaking the ties; IÕve got no time for compromise

Em                             C                                         Em                  C

   I must stay focused on my prize; woah, Your eyes

Em     C Em   C Em                  C                                                             Em                       C        

   Sanctify, purify; set my life apart for You and wash me with Your truth

                  Am                            G                                D/F#                                Em

The lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes; the things of this world will see their demise

Am                              G

IÕve got a hope, got a burning desire

      D/F#    B7            Em  C                    Em     C

IÕve got to see Your glory, reveal Your glory


Verse 2:

Em                     C    Em                             C              

   Seeking Your face; IÕm standing underneath Your grace

Em                                      C                                                                  Em         C                   

   IÕm running to You as I run my race; I take refuge in Your embrace

Em                    C    Em                         C                    

   My choice is clear; I have become a stranger here

Em                                        C                                                                    Em      C                         

   The worldÕs no longer my puppeteer; I must cling to the one that I fear

            Am                            G                      D/F#                        Em

Tame my tongue, renew my mind; search my heart, reveal my pride

Am                             G                               

Wash my hands, do what You like

               D/F#   B7            Em  C                     Em     C

But IÕve got to see Your glory, reveal Your glory



        Am                    G                       D

IÕm crying out, IÕm calling to Your will and to Your word

   Am                        G                        D

I know IÕm gonnaÕ see You cause I know that IÕve been heard

Am                     G                       Fmaj7                                      

Consecrate me, make me holy; consecrate me, make me holy

G                                                  F         G/F   Am/F       

Consecrate me, make me holy; woah...........  OhÉ

        G/F                    Em   C                   Em       C

IÕve got to see Your glory, reveal Your glory