Glory Come Down

Jason Upton

Susie (Bm)


Verse 1:

Em                                G/B      C        Em                       D/F#      G

   Father, listen to our earnest prayer; Jesus prayed it years ago

C                                        G/D        D C                                              Bsus-B       

   That the glory You had given Him we would somehow come to know

Em                                    G/B        C    Em                 D/F#   G

   Make us one according to Your plan as in heaven it will be

C                                           G/D           D  C                                       Bsus-B       

   Fill us with the truth and righteousness You desire the world to see



                Em  C          D     G  Em   C            Dsus  D

Let Your glo - ry and ho - nor        fall on our face

Em  C  D    G      C           D        Em    D/E   Em   C/E

Ho - ly Fa - ther rest in this place


Verse 2:

Em                                             G/B   C    Em                        D/F#       G

  The church is sick in need of God alone; people we must seek His face

C                                          G/D           D  C                                   Bsus-B       

  If we’ll turn from our unrighteousness, He’ll forgive our evil ways

Em                                    G/B    C    Em                       D/F#       G

  May the eyes of God be on us here; Lord, revive us by Your grace

C                            G/D       D C                             Bsus-B       

  Holy Spirit be forever near, saturate us in this place



    Em                             D

Let Your fire fall, let Your wind blow


Let Your glory come down (repeat)