Glory, Holy, Worthy

Virginia Sullivent



D   Em   D  Em    D  Em    D   Em

Glory     Glory     Glory     Glory


Verse 1:

Em                    C/A

Let Your glory fall in this place

Em                 C/A

O God, let us feel Your embrace

Em                       C/A

“Holy, holy” the angels say

Em                            C/A

We fall down as we seek Your face



D  Em   D Em   D Em   D  Em

Holy     Holy     Holy     Holy


Verse 2:

Em                    C/A

Let Your glory cover the earth

Em                  C/A

As the waters cover the sea

Em                        C/A

Let every nation, tribe and tongue

Em                 C/A

Bow down to you, as King



D    Em      D    Em     D    Em     D    Em

Worthy     Worthy     Worthy     Worthy