Happy Day


Intro:   |  C     |    F2    |    Am7    |    G     |     C/E    |    F2    |   Am7  |   G   |

Verse 1:

C                                              F2                                                        Am7

  The greatest day in history; death is beaten you have rescued me


  Sing it out Jesus is alive

C                                                         F2                                                    Am7

  The empty cross the empty grave; life eternal you have won the day

                                        F2              Gsus4

  Shout it out Jesus is alive, He's alive



         C               F2               Am7        G

And oh, happy day, happy day; You washed my sin away

C                F2               Am7      G/B                C      F2     Am7

Oh, happy day, happy day; I'll never be the same

       G             C/E        F2       Am7

Forever I am changed


Verse 2:

C                                            F2                                             Am7

  When I stand in that place, free at last meeting face to face


  I am yours Jesus You are mine 

C                                            F2                                       Am7

  Endless joy perfect peace; earthly pain finally will cease

                          F2             Gsus4

  Celebrate is alive He's alive



Am7                          Em

Oh what a glorious day

                            Fmaj7     C

What a glorious way that You have saved me

        Am7                         Em

And oh what a glorious day

                             Fmaj7       C

What a glorious Name      (Jesus)